Since June 2018:

1 developer recruited

We had been looking for a professional of this level for quite some time and Toughbyte was the company that delivered. Our development team is extremely pleased with the recruitment. Thanks to Toughbyte we are now even more capable of producing the high standard of digital services that we strive to deliver.

Olli Maksimainen
Digital Solutions Director

Crasman is a digital media, and e-business and service company in Finland, specializing in IT solutions. The company offers Crasmanager, a content management system for Internet, Extranet, and Intranet publishing and content management applications; Digtator Media, a digital material management solution for document usage on personal and organization level; and Digtator Workflow, a tool for commenting and approval of digital media. It also provides consultation, graphical and user interface design, hosting, and support and maintenance services.

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