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Redhill Games
Since January 2019:

1 developer recruited

Toughbyte's recruiter Daria was very responsive and professional. She grasped the requirements quickly and found the candidate who matched all our criteria. We're very pleased with her work.

Ekaterina Dolgova
CEO & Co-Founder

Redhill Games is a multinational team with talent coming together from many of gaming industry’s top companies. The company creates games that capitalize on their extensive knowledge of AAA PC-titles and gaming experiences that evolve and last for years. At Redhill games are built on the principles of cooperative play and co- creating games with players through early testing and feedback.
The team is backed by venture capital funds Makers Fund and Play Ventures as well as industry heavyweights like Unity founder David Helgason, former Epic Games president Dr. Michael Capps, Los Angeles-based investor and game executive Jason Kay, and Mika Reini, the former CFO of Remedy Entertainment.

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