Sharper Shape

Sharper Shape
Since March 2017:

2 developers contracted

3 developers recruited

With Toughbyte's help we were able to redesign our cloud based solution over the course of a year. They rewrote almost all our core front-end components such as application routing, which is now fast and seamless and our map engine, making it more responsive and extendable. The team also created a back-end PDF reporting service and did great work on our flight operation interface. They put the infrastructure in place to run integration tests and wrote many test cases. They've been a real asset and we're happy to continue working with them.

Markus Kuusisto
Vice President of Engineering

Sharper Shape is a "Drone Software as a Service" company, driven to automate the entire process of drone-based utility inspections. Sharper Shape doesn’t make drones, it makes them better having created one of the world’s most advanced aerial sensor systems and their technology powers the automatic collection and analysis of unmanned aerial inspection data.

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