Snackable AI

Snackable AI
Since November 2019:

Working with Toughbyte team has been amazing. They are always very responsive, flexible, and ready to tackle even the most complicated recruitment challenges. I have met many good candidates with their help who have the technical skills required on top of a good cultural fit for our startup team. I would definitely recommend turning to them if you are looking to relocate or hire local engineering talent in Europe.

Helen Piirsalu
Talent Manager

Snackable AI is the content discovery engine for the audio-first world. Snackable uses artificial intelligence to add structure and metadata into spoken word content, transforming monolithic content blocks into neat packages that are transparent, easy to search, access and share. We now live in an audio-first world. Content creators, marketers and social teams now have a serious “content packaging problem.” They have to get content in front of time-strapped audiences, in the right channels, in easily consumable formats, with the right message. And to do it fast.

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