Since August 2016:

2 developers recruited

Russia is the go-to-place for finding global tech talents and Toughbyte made it very easy for us. Without their knowledge and attitude, it would have been impossible to find any suitable candidates for our team. It didn’t take much time for them to present the first candidates and actually, we ended up hiring already the second person who they introduced. I have to say that he has been exactly what we were looking for - startups really don’t have the capacity nor the capability to hire many people so it is crucial who one selects for the team. It is adamant that your recruiter understand the needs of the company and this was the case. We are definitely going to use Toughbyte in the future again.

Treamer is a Helsinki based startup pushing a fix to the employment market. The company is creating a peer-to-peer temp staffing network and aiming to become the industry standard for the gig economy worldwide. The service is embodied in mobile apps that connect businesses and individuals on an on-demand basis, handling all the messy bits of the hiring process, end-to-end.

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