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Join Toughbyte as a recruiter, client manager, software developer, product manager or business administrator. We offer the training and tools to make your work efficient & fulfilling and the freedom & bonus structure to make it financially rewarding.


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Founded by developers with 20+ years recruitment experience, we’re not your typical agency. By automating processes, we take the routine out of your work and enable you to achieve better results and earn more.
With clients from around the world who are open to relocation and remote work, you’ll have the opportunity to work in a multicultural environment and have no shortage of candidates when sourcing.
We offer remote work and the option to work either in-house on a fixed salary and smaller commission or as a freelancer with no fixed salary, but a bigger commission and freedom to work with other clients.

What our colleagues say

“In three years at Toughbyte, I became a recruiter and grew to become a team lead. The team, founders and managers are my friends and family. Here each employee feels valued and heard, even when working remotely. We all have a common mission and I am very proud to be a part of it.”
“Working at Toughbyte has been a great opportunity to become a stronger recruiter and improve my communication skills. Remote work allows me to plan my day on my own. I can work literally from anywhere - all I need is a laptop and net connection.”
“I've been working with Toughbyte for over a year and only have positive things to say about them. Everyone is very responsive and ready to help answer any questions that arise. The positions on offer are also very interesting, which is attractive to candidates.”
Aziza Azimova
Freelance Recruiter

Our process

Initial contact. Leave your details via the “Get in touch” button below to start the process with us.

Toughbyte call. We do a quick call to better understand your level of experience & expectations and whether you want to work as in-house or freelance recruiter.

Assignment and interviews. If you decide to work in-house, we give a small test assignment and organize two additional interviews before making an offer.

Contract signing. Once you accept our offer, we send the contract for signing electronically and you can start the following week.

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