Deep Learning Data Scientist

Drone Dev Startup
Helsinki, Finland


Our client is a Drone Software as a Service (DSaaS™) company, driven to automate the entire process of drone-based utility inspections. They do not make drones, they make them better having created one of the world’s most advanced aerial sensor systems and their technology powers the automatic collection and analysis of unmanned aerial inspection data. The company provides asset inspection services which drastically reduce maintenance costs for high-value assets such as power lines, pipelines, wind turbines and more.

The company offers highly interesting and challenging tasks. Their domain includes capturing, geo-referencing, analyzing and processing gigabytes of 3D point cloud and imaging data near real-time and visualizing results with modern web UI.

They also offer flexible working hours and vacation time, as well as the ability to learn intriguing things from drones, geographic information systems, sensors integrations like LiDAR and thermal cameras, machine learning/AI, DevOps, and running a startup.


Must have experience:
  • Deep Learning experience with Python
  • Software engineering with PyData stack (Pandas, Scipy, Numpy, etc.)
  • Computer Vision experience, building architectures, ability to implement custom DL architectures in PyTorch.

Nice to have:
  • Object Classification: Fine-grained classification, Few-Shot Learning, Ensambles, Non-trivial Data Transformations
  • Graph Neural Nets: Topology in Sparse Data, PointCloud Segmentation, Efficient Graph Convolutions
  • Software & Cloud Experience: Docker, Kubernetes, Postgres, RESTful APIs, GIS

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