Remote Lead Web Designer

Software for Customer Success Startup
Stockholm, Sweden


Our client creates a SaaS-based Customer Success Management platform that helps subscription businesses to retain and grow the revenue stream from existing customers. They help Customer Success Managers to manage their renewals, reduce churn, understand product adoption and drive business outcomes. It's a sustainable and self-profitable company (200% growth annually). 

The company is in a growth phase. The business is global with customers in all continents. Their team is experienced and highly skilled. They are down to earth, focused on (true!) value creation. 

Up until now, all developers have been responsible for building both app logic and implementing the UI design. Their website was built by people from the business side with some HTML skills with some support from the dev team. It worked in the beginning but the company is growing quickly and now they need a team member that can take ownership for and drive design, from website to app and other material/projects. Do you prefer LESS over plain CSS? Or maybe SASS?  As a lead designer, you will make this kind of decisions and the team will follow.


NOTE: The client is interested in candidates from Latin America, US, EU, CIS, the Middle East.

Must have:

  • A world-class eye for web design
  • Excellent skills in writing HTML/CSS
  • The portfolio you are ready to share 
  • Proficient level of English 
Nice to have:

  • Skills in related areas such as Illustrations/Drawing, Icon Design, JavaScript, SEO etc would all be useful but are not required. If you can do it great. If you don't but want to learn then this is a good opportunity. If you'd rather just stick to the pure web design that's also fine.

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