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Remote Frontend Developer

Remote or Tallinn, Estonia
4 day average response time from company
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Milada Gudkova
Must have skills:
Considering candidates from:
Georgia, Estonia, Turkey and Schengen
Work arrangement: Onsite or remote
Industry: Health and Human Services
Language: English
Level: Senior
Required experience: 5+ years
Relocation: Not paid
Visa support: Provided
Size: 11 - 50 employees
Logo of HautAI

Remote Frontend Developer

Remote or Tallinn, Estonia
4 day average response time from company
Haut.AI​ is developing a SaaS platform for skin health and beauty for the cosmetics industry. Their developments are based on the state-of-the-art algorithms of computer vision and machine learning. Among their clients are cosmetics companies, and plastic surgery clinics in Europe, the US, and South Korea.
Now the company is looking for a talented, motivated, and experienced Frontend Developer to join the product team, developing an embeddable web application leveraging Computer Vision and AR experience

  • Participate in the team activities like tasks grooming/brainstorming 
  • Implement custom Augmented Reality UI components and screens 
  • Implement UI-specific logic like state management and routing 
  • Implement UI-agnostic business logic from predefined modules 
  • Perform bi-weekly code refactoring and tech debt reduction 
  • Document the technical solution pitfalls, workarounds, and browser-specific issues 
  • Debug and fix browser-specific UI issues 
  • Write end-user integration documentation 
  • Write e2e test cases for pre-defined use cases 
  • Integrate third-party services like Google Analytics and Sentry for product monitoring 
  • 3+ years of experience in product teams, building web applications 
  • Experience with the frontend stack: TypeScript, Svelte, PostCSS + Tailwind, Vite, Histoire, Vitest, Webdriver.io (or similar technologies: ESNext, Vue, SASS + CSS Modules, Rollup, Storybook, Karma / Jest / Mocha, Cypress)
  • Good communication skills for teamwork 
  • Being oriented on the high quality of the product as a first and only priority
  • Good knowledge of English
  • Machine Learning and Computer Vision: TensorFlow / MediaPipe / ONNX 
  • VR/AR or 3D graphics: WebGL, Three.js 
  • Back-end development: Nodejs, Python, REST 
  • Cloud Providers: Firebase, GCP / AWS / Azure 
Benefits and conditions:
  • Trial period: 3 months
  • Competitive salary depending on skills
  • 28 days of annual leave
  • Locations: offices in Tallinn, Tbilisi, or working remotely
  • All the necessary devices for development and tests
  • A friendly, creative, and cohesive team, that hugely supports cross-project experience sharing and company-level initiatives
  • Inclusive environment 
Interview process:
  1. Intro call with Toughbyte
  2. Interview with the Tech Lead and the Product Manager 
  3. Test assignment 
  4. Technical interview (optional) 
  5. Call with the founders 
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