Full-Stack React Contractor

Helsinki, Finland
Must-have skills:
Nice-to-have skills:
Considering candidates from:
Work arrangement: Onsite or hybrid
Language: English, Finnish
Apply by: 04.04.2024
Duration: 9 months
Workload: Full-time
Level: Senior or lead
Required experience: 3+ years

Full-Stack React Contractor

Helsinki, Finland
Please note that the project described below is a contractor role where work is usually done on an hourly basis. The duration of the project is also fixed. In order to work as a contractor, you typically need to have an individual entrepreneurship, limited liability company or invoice via a co-operative using a service for light entrepreneurship.

When you accept the project, we will sign a time and materials based subcontracting agreement between Toughbyte and your legal entity before you start work. We provide all the necessary help with arranging interviews and negotiations between you and the client, and will also going be the ones to send the invoices for your work.
The end client requires a Full-Stack Contractor responsible for software development within their team, ensuring the development meets architectural and non-functional requirements. You will design the implementation architecture, organize architectural design work as needed, identify and implement architectural enablers, manage dependencies and overall integrity. You will be responsible for the realization of non-functional requirements, assess their impact on the architecture, negotiate with stakeholders if necessary, coach other developers in the team, engage in software development, and support service design as needed. 

The candidate should have good teamwork and interaction skills, the ability to work creatively, problem-solve, and systematically, recognize dependencies, problems, and risks, lead change in their area persistently by challenging the existing, possess a good mastery of their area's architectures and technologies including coding skills, have deep knowledge of non-functional requirements and capabilities, and excellent knowledge of testing and release automation methods with practical implementation evidence, as well as a good understanding of monitoring tools. A security clearance will be conducted for the selected individual. 

Note that the role requires fluency in Finnish.