Ruby Contractor

Gig economy company
Remote or Helsinki, Finland
Photo of Tatiana Barysheva
Tatiana Barysheva
Up to 80 EUR / h
Must have skills:
Considering candidates from:
Work arrangement:
Onsite or remote
Gig economy
Presentation deadline:
Around 01.12.2020
3 months or more

Ruby Contractor

Gig economy company
Remote or Helsinki, Finland
Please note that the project described below is a contractor role where work is usually done on an hourly basis. The duration of the project is also fixed. In order to work as a contractor, you typically need to have an individual entrepreneurship, limited liability company or invoice via a co-operative using a service for light entrepreneurship.

When you accept the project, we will sign a time and materials based subcontracting agreement between Toughbyte and your legal entity before you start work. We provide all the necessary help with arranging interviews and negotiations between you and the client, and will also going be the ones to send the invoices for your work. You can find out more about freelancing in our blog posts on the topic.
Freska is a high-growth company operating in Norway, Finland and Sweden. The company provides home services such as home cleaning, windows cleaning, etc.
working as part of client's development team, working on the implementation of the new features for the existing application and redesigning it to a service-oriented architecture

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