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Remote Ruby on Rails Developer

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Juliana Valieva
Must have skills:
Nice to have skills:
React Native
Considering candidates from:
Finland and Schengen
Work arrangement:
Remote only
Financial technology
Company size:
11-50 employees
Logo of Selma

Remote Ruby on Rails Developer

Selma was founded in 2016 and it is a personal investment assistant, for people who have better things to do than to follow financial markets. Selma helps users to invest and take care of their money that it 100% fits with their financial life, without hidden cost, intransparent fees, and complex financial jargon.
Right now, Selma is looking for a Backend Developer with strong DevOps skills to join their team. Their tech stack includes Ruby on Rails, React, Redux, TypeScipt, React Native, Apollo and GraphQL. Though no need to be a stack expert, you just have to be very confident with Ruby on Rails, have experience with CI/CD and DevOps tools and processes. 

Must-have skills:
  • Strong experience with Ruby on Rails skills
  • Experience with Postgres and Redis
  • Experience with DevOps processes and tools - some of the things you might be working with would include:
    • Heroku for application deployment and managed DBs (moving elsewhere will most likely be in future plans, but nothing immediate yet)
    • Terraform for infrastructure management (just started using this during the summer)
    • Cloudflare for DNS, WAF and CF Workers some small edge services
    • AWS Lambda for some small services (setting these up to be deployed on Serverless and Terraform is in the plans)
    • AWS KMS of key management
    • AWS S3 and other service providers' compliant services for documents
    • Docker with docker-compose to run the local environment - likely in the future Docker might also be used for prod envs
    • Circle CI and GitHub Actions for CI/CD tooling
    • Fastlane for mobile app deployment
  • Experience with CI/CD 
Nice-to-have skills:
  • Experience with React Native
  • Experience with React
  • Experience with GraphQL
  • Stock options
Interview process: 
  1. Intro call with Toughbyte
  2. Intro interview with Selma (1 hour)
  3. Online challenge 1-2 hours
  4. Pair programming session and tech interview - 1-2 hours
  5. Final interview with the CEO
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The company doesn't help with relocation and focuses on fully-remote collaboration. 

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