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Remote DevOps Engineer

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Ekaterina Kopysova
Must have skills:
Nice to have skills:
Considering candidates from:
Latin America
Work arrangement: Remote
Industry: Internet Publishing
Language: English
Level: Middle or senior
Required experience: 2+ years
Size: 51 - 200 employees
Logo of Time Doctor

Remote DevOps Engineer

Time Doctor is a time tracking and productivity software for remote teams. Their goal with the software is to help individuals and organizations to be more productive when working remotely. With their help teams can improve the speed and effectiveness of communication in organizations, clearly organize, communicate and delegate their daily tasks, reduce time spent on email, and other non-work related distractions, ensure employees use their time effectively, and reduce time spent on everyday tasks, including commonly generated reports.
Right now the company is looking for a skilled DevOps Engineer to join the team.

  • Build and maintain various GCP Public / Private Cloud deployments
  • Continually automate and improve development and deployment processes
  • Ensure Time Doctor systems are safe and secure against cyber security threats
  • Progress technology evolution on core GCP-based platform
  • Maintain end-of-life journey for legacy AWS-based platform
  • Debug issues and provide timely resolutions
  • Excellent Terraform skills
  • Understanding MongoDB and MySQL indexing
  • Understanding MySQL replication and its recovery
  • Understanding Mongo sharding+replication and its recovery
  • Excellent experience of GCP ecosystem
  • Understanding scaling up/down, HA, failover concepts
  • Experience with container orchestration tools EC2 VM’s and LXC containers
  • Deep understanding of IP Networking (TCP/IP, DNS, HTTP, SSL/TLS, etc.)
  • Troubleshooting skills at multiple levels of complexity
  • Scripting language ability (e.g. Bash, PowerShell, Ruby, Python, Node.js)
  • Experience managing full application stacks from the OS up through custom applications
  • Excellent experience of AWS ecosystem
Benefits and conditions:
  • Trial period: 4 months
  • Paid sabbatical
  • Freedom to work out of the 9-5
  • Work from anywhere
  • A 30-day PTO bank
Interview process:
  1. Intro call with Toughbyte
  2. HR interview
  3. Take home test
  4. Tech interview
  5. Final round if needed

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