Logo of Ringtail Interactive

Senior Unity Engineer

Stockholm, Sweden
6 day average response time from company
Photo of Anastasiya Ivanenko
Anastasiya Ivanenko
Must have skills:
Nice to have skills:
Considering candidates from:
Work arrangement: Onsite
Industry: Computer Games
Language: English
Level: Senior or lead
Required experience: 6+ years
Relocation: Paid
Visa support: Provided
Size: 51-200 employees
Logo of Ringtail Interactive

Senior Unity Engineer

Stockholm, Sweden
6 day average response time from company
Ringtail Interactive is the parent company of businesses within the games industry. Their aim is to create a combination of companies with strong synergies, complementing and supporting each other in growth.

Ringtail Technology is in the midst of developing a high-quality platform that has the possibility to change the way small and medium sized studios create games. Their point is to level the playing field between the possibilities of AAA studios and all the way down to indie game developers.
  • Designing, prototyping and implementing game systems and features
  • Developing and maintaining client and game server components for a highly scalable multiplayer game
  • Optimizing the game to run efficiently on both Mobile and PC
  • Implementing and optimizing the development pipeline and toolchain to facilitate quick and easy iteration
  • Integrating third party services and plugins (for features such as IAP, chat services, analytics, crash reporting etc)
  • Being involved in the coding, identification and resolution of issues, and the compilation of development documentation
  • Working with server developers for seamless backend integration
  • Participating in the training and mentoring of other developers
  • Full proficiency in Unity 3D and all its core components
  • Expertise in C#/.Net (C# 9/10 and .Net 5/6 preferred)
  • Ability to quickly grasp the “full picture”
  • Excellent structure (such as clean code practices, deep knowledge of software architecture, consistency in all deliverables)
  • Profound comprehension of making Sandbox games
  • Embracing disposition towards external input (such as valuing feedback and open communication)
  • Proactive learning and keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies
  • Ability to be autonomous (such as taking ownership of your own tasks, seeing possible improvements in the “big picture“)
  • Experience in native development (such as iOS/Android)
  • Experience creating Client/Server applications in C#
  • Experience working in larger sized engineering teams
  • 8 or more years of experience working as a Software Engineer
Benefits and conditions:
  • Trial period: 6 months
  • Insurance and Pension
  • Vacation 25 days
  • Flexible Working Hours
  • Sharing Success
  • Home Office Set-Up
  • Social Events
  • Phone Plan/Company Phone
Interview process:
  1. Intro call with Toughbyte
  2. Intro call  (1 hour)
  3. Technical interview (1 hour)
  4. Culture fit interview
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