References from our clients

Some good things that companies we've worked with have said about us

  • Logo of HireRight
    HR technology
    Tallinn, Estonia
    Toughbyte has been a tremendous recruitment partner for us here at HireRight. They are extremely professional, diligent, fast and organized. We received qualified candidates within 24-48 hours of our intake call with them for our ‘tough-to-fill’ technology positions. We could not be happier with partnering with Toughbyte. I highly recommend any company looking to find top Tech Talent to reach out to these amazing folks.
    Photo of David Le
    Talent Acquisition
    Since 2022:
    1 developer recruited
  • Logo of Unwrapit
    Information technology
    Toronto, Canada
    We had a great experience working with the Toughbyte team. They helped us reach candidates that we normally wouldn't have been able to, filtered them according to our criteria, and brought top notch matches to our attention with continuous updates. Within a few weeks, we had two strong applicants and we ended up hiring one of them. I couldn't recommend Toughbyte enough.
    Photo of Taylan Pince
    Co-Founder & CTO
    Since 2022:
    1 developer recruited
  • Logo of Uscreen
    Video technology
    Washington, United States
    Our collaboration with Toughbyte has been extremely successful, and so far they’ve been the best agency we’ve worked with. The communication with the team has been great, as well as the quality of candidates. Thanks to them we managed to fill a few challenging positions on our team, and we’d be very happy to collaborate with Toughbyte in the future.
    Photo of Nick Savrov
    Since 2021:
    2 developers recruited
  • Logo of MiLaboratories
    Medical technology
    Sunnyvale, United States
    Toughbyte is the best agency I've ever worked with. They can find rare and talented candidates for very difficult positions.
    Photo of Stanislav Poslavsky
    CEO, Co-founder
    Since 2021:
    7 developers recruited
  • Logo of Dcycle
    Artificial Intelligence
    Madrid, Spain
    We at Dcycle enjoyed working with Toughbyte. Thanks to them we managed to find the right person for our team within the first two months of working on the position. The process and communication was fast and smooth.
    Photo of Luis Escámez Fernández
    Luis Escámez Fernández
    Since 2022:
    1 developer recruited
  • Logo of Ringtail Studios
    Game development
    Tallinn, Estonia
    We really enjoyed working with Toughbyte. The communication with the recruiter was good and the process of presenting candidates was well-performed.
    Photo of Dmitry Kanarev
    Dmitry Kanarev
    Project Manager
    Since 2020:
    1 developer recruited
  • Logo of Fractory
    Tallinn, Estonia
    I really enjoyed working with Toughbyte. They presented a big amount of qualified candidates. The recruiter Yuliya was very helpful and good at communicating.
    Photo of Mariell Saar
    Technical Recruiter
    Since 2021:
    1 developer recruited
  • Logo of Five Lives
    Medical technology
    London, United Kingdom
    We at Five Lives would recommend working with Toughbyte. They provided us with an array of candidates in a tough market in which we were able to add to our team. We found them to be highly responsive and accommodating. Hopefully we will be able to work again with one another in the future.
    Photo of Georgina Garraway
    People and Talent Assistant
    Since 2021:
    2 developers recruited
    AWSReact NativeTypeScript
  • Logo of DEIP
    Delaware, United States
    We liked working with Tougbyte. The process was fast and the number of presented candidates was high. Thanks to their recruiters we managed to close a challenging position.
    Photo of Egor Verbitsky
    Project Manager
    Since 2021:
    2 developers recruited
  • Logo of MEDWING
    HR technology
    Berlin, Germany
    Our collaboration with Tougbyte has been quite successful. Its platform is really convenient and the quality of the applications is good. We hired a candidate within the first month of working together.
    Photo of İpek Tosun
    Senior Tech Recruiting Manager
    Since 2021:
    1 developer recruited