References from our clients

Some good things that companies we've worked with have said about us

  • Logo of Collective
    Financial Services
    San Francisco, United States
    Toughbyte was the only partner we used to find remote developers and our collaboration was great. Their recruiters were very responsive, provided a lot of input, and were always in touch for feedback. We would be happy to build a long-term relationship with them.
    Photo of Bugra Akcay
    Co-Founder & CTO
    Since 2020:
    7 developers recruited
  • Logo of Exsensio
    Software Development
    Tampere, Finland
    Working with Toughbyte was a good experience from the beginning. Everything went well from signing up to hiring!
    Photo of Sreejesh Nair
    Co-Founder & CEO
    Since 2018:
    2 developers recruited
  • Logo of Remagine
    Financial Services
    Berlin, Germany
    Toughbyte did a great job. Admittedly, they were also lucky since we hired the first candidate they presented.
    Photo of Sebastian Nienaber
    Since 2020:
    1 developer recruited
  • Logo of The Nest
    The Nest
    London, United Kingdom
    Toughbyte presented a good selection of candidates and paid plenty of attention to detail as to what we were looking for. They were very responsive and took care of organizing the interviews. As a result, we ended up with a great candidate.
    Photo of Gary Stewart
    CEO and Co-founder
    Since 2020:
    1 developer recruited
    JavaReactReact Native
  • Logo of Frank Students
    IT Services and IT Consulting
    Helsinki, Finland
    We're very happy with Toughbyte's services. Onboarding was clear, straightforward and efficient. Their team was always in touch via Slack which was very convenient and the profiles they presented were great. We found the right person quickly and would definitely consider working with Toughbyte again in the future.
    Photo of Harri Dahlgren
    Product Owner
    Since 2020:
    2 developers recruited
  • Logo of NL Acoustics
    Appliances, Electrical, and Electronics Manufacturing
    Helsinki, Finland
    Toughbyte was very professional. They presented a suspiciously large number of good candidates compared to what we'd seen before. The process was well-planned and the team took our feedback into account already early on. Overall, we had a very good experience working with them.
    Photo of Kai Saksela
    Since 2020:
    2 developers recruited
  • Logo of AllRead
    Software Development
    Barcelona, Spain
    We liked working with Toughbyte because they have access to great technical talent across Europe which is especially important as we're building an international team. The process was smooth and straightforward. In the end, we hired a candidate with the right skillset and mentality.
    Photo of Miguel Silva-Constenla
    CEO & Co-Founder
    Since 2020:
    2 developers recruited
  • Logo of Wise
    Financial Services
    Tallinn, Estonia
    Toughbyte has a good understanding of the technical skills we are looking for in candidates. They have been a good partner, timely in communications, and providing us useful contacts in the regions we're looking to grow our talent pool in.
    Photo of Rafaela de Sousa
    Senior Technical Recruiter
    Since 2019:
    4 developers recruited
  • Logo of EZY Gaming
    Gambling Facilities and Casinos
    Tallinn, Estonia
    Our collaboration with Toughbyte was great. Their recruiters communicated well and sent timely reports on the progress made. What we also liked about them is the fact that they have developer background and are hiring developers themselves to automate their work. We would be happy to work with them again.
    Photo of Stanislav Gorski
    Since 2019:
    2 developers recruited
  • Logo of Information Builders
    Software Development
    New York City, United States
    Working with Toughbyte has been great so far. They send very high-quality candidates and the volume has been good. We are happy to keep collaborating with them on our European hiring.
    Photo of Lauren Osbahr
    Head of Tech Talent Acquisition
    Since 2020:
    8 developers recruited