References from our clients

Some good things that companies we've worked with have said about us

  • Logo of Hellotickets
    Madrid, Spain
    The most important thing for us during the recruitment process was the quality of candidates and communication. Recruiters from Toughbyte managed to meet our requirements in both these areas by presenting very skilled developers and communicating in a professional way.
    Photo of Alberto Martínez
    COO & Co-Founder at Hellotickets
    Since 2019:
    5 developers recruited
  • Logo of Stoneridge
    Automotive technology
    Tallinn, Estonia
    I found it easy to communicate with Toughbyte throughout the recruitment process and the team has had good focus on recruiting the talent. I've been happy to recommend them to my colleagues.
    Photo of Raul Bachmann
    Embedded Software Solutions
    Since 2018:
    3 developers recruited
  • Logo of Enonic
    Developer tools
    Oslo, Norway
    Working with Toughbyte was a smooth experience. Despite our strict requirements and the fact that we were looking for local candidates only, we hired the very first candidate Toughbyte presented who perfectly matched our profile.
    Photo of Alan Semenov
    Development Manager
    Since 2019:
    1 developer recruited
  • Logo of GLOMO
    Tech consulting
    Stockholm, Sweden
    With Toughbyte's help, we were able to find skilled and senior developers willing to relocate to Stockholm.
    Photo of Maria Granlund
    Technical Project Manager
    Since 2018:
    2 developers recruited
  • Logo of Rambus
    Helsinki, Finland
    Toughbyte were great at communicating throughout the recruitment process, sending weekly updates with valuable input and being very quick to reply. This enabled us to close a challenging senior level position in a bit over a month of starting working together.
    Photo of Tiina Rihu
    Office Manager
    Since 2018:
    1 developer recruited
  • Logo of YIT
    Helsinki, Finland
    Working with the Toughbyte crew was a valuable experience. The team is talented and willing to put in the extra effort to bring ideas to life.
    Photo of Panu Vehniäinen
    Head of Service Business Development
    Since 2017:
    3 developers contracted
  • Logo of Webflow
    Developer tools
    San Francisco, United States
    Toughbyte was a pleasure to work with, and their team helped us migrate our entire testing framework in record time.
    Photo of Vlad Magdalin
    Since 2017:
    2 developers contracted
  • Logo of Umbra
    Virtual reality
    Helsinki, Finland
    Toughbyte stand out with their tech expertise - they present candidates with very relevant skills. For our frontend developer position we hired the second candidate presented.
    Photo of Sampo Lappalainen
    Since 2017:
    1 developer recruited
  • Logo of Treamer
    Gig economy
    Helsinki, Finland
    Russia is the go-to-place for finding global tech talents and Toughbyte made it very easy for us. Without their knowledge and attitude, it would have been impossible to find any suitable candidates for our team. It didn’t take much time for them to present the first candidates and actually, we ended up hiring already the second person who they introduced. I have to say that he has been exactly what we were looking for - startups really don’t have the capacity nor the capability to hire many people so it is crucial who one selects for the team. It is adamant that your recruiter understand the needs of the company and this was the case. We are definitely going to use Toughbyte in the future again.
    Photo of Peter Sazonov
    Since 2016:
    2 developers recruited
  • Logo of TrademarkNow
    Legal technology
    Helsinki, Finland
    It makes our life easier when recruiters actually have a development background and they don't just browse through keywords without actually understanding what those mean and how to talk with developers on technical topics.
    Photo of Matti Kokkola
    CTO, Co-Founder
    Since 2018:
    2 developers recruited