How to write a good developer job ad

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Veronika Tulchevskaia
June 9, 2020
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Finding a suitable candidate is always a tough task, even if there is a team of professionals ready to help you with the hiring process. When you realize that you need a person to get the job done, it is time to formalize the description of the vacancy.

So here we’ll describe some crucial points that make your job ads appealing:

Keep it short and clear

You can face the temptation to include as many details as possible in the job description to find the ideal person. You are beginning to imagine this new member of your team and not only add programming languages or experience to your job ad, but continue with some vague soft skills such as “organized” or “motivated”. These points will not help you eliminate unsuitable applicants, but they can easily scare off ones with good skills and expertise. Try to stick to “Must-have” requirements and the real tasks the employee would perform.

Stick to the structure

The hiring process includes two sides, and it means that the candidate is also choosing from a variety of options. To make your ad more likely to get responses, follow the ad structure used by the platform where you place it. This way you will avoid repeating yourself and help candidates easily find the important criteria.

Proofread the description

You will get more relevant applications if you make the text clear and well prepared. Spell check & use the correct casing for each technology and don't use acronyms that aren't widely understood unnecessarily – these small points create your image of a high-level employer.

Typically, you have time to find a specialist, so don’t rush and go through the text a number of times before finalizing it. Try to make it more clear each time by removing unnecessary words or phrases.

Of course preparing a job description is only the first step in finding a suitable employee. If you are looking for developers, get in touch so we can help! We will focus our efforts on finding the most talented candidates for you.

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