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February 26, 2024
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If you're hiring for tech roles, such as software developers, engineers, DevOps and QA, posting your position on a job board is a good way to get started. Doing this is your only option if you don't have the bandwidth to source and reach out to candidates yourself or the budget for an external recruitment partner. Job boards are also a great way to hire for more common and junior level roles regardless of your budget, since you can get a high number of inbound applications.

However, knowing which ones to post to can be tricky. Each country has different job boards and marketplaces with different audiences, pricing and ways to post jobs. If you're not careful, you can blow your budget on posting to sites where you don't get any relevant candidates. In the worse case scenario, you can end up receiving many irrelevant applications, which you will need to spend a lot of time reviewing and replying to.

To save you the trouble, we've created a prioritized list of tech job boards in Estonia and Tallinn in particular, which you can find below.


LinkedIn Jobs is currently the top source of technical candidates in Estonia and most other locations in Europe. It allows you to post one job at a time for free. You should expect to get no more than ten applicants a month this way, most likely less. If you need more, you'll have to pay and the costs add up quickly.

LinkedIn charges per view, with the minimum recommended daily budget for tech roles being €20. We've seen companies in Estonia paying more than €1000 per month for promoting a single job post. If this happens to you, you will want to upgrade to LinkedIn Recruiter, which includes job posts as part of the subscription and provides additional functionality for sourcing candidates.

It's also worth adding that LinkedIn has a global audience and by default does not filter out candidates that don't match your criteria, so you run the risk of spending a lot of time processing applications from irrelevant locations. is one of the two main local job boards in Estonia and while it gets less traffic than CV Keskus, the quality of candidates for tech roles from there tends to be higher. Pricing starts at €199 for two weeks or €249 per month + VAT and there is no free trial available.

CV Keskus

CV Keskus is the biggest local job board in Estonia with three times the traffic of Pricing starts at €349 per month + VAT and includes one day access to their CV database. This allows you to headhunt passive candidates, if you're ready to put in the extra work. CV Keskus also has good reach on social media and they promote their job posts there.

Work in Estonia

Work in Estonia Jobs is a government funded initiative that aggregates IT jobs from CV Keskus, and other sources. If you post your job on those sites, it will appear on Work in Estonia as well. On one hand this extends your reach, but on the other this can create additional work, since Work in Estonia receives a lot of traffic from outside the country and you can end up screening applicants from irrelevant locations.

If you're looking for international talent, however, it's a great source of candidates and you can actually post there directly completely for free. To do so, submit this form or email the same info to If you don't have a career site, you can create the job ad page using a third party service, such as Google Sites or Notion. The job post is visible for 30 days by default, but can be extended simply by sending a follow up email.


MeetFrank, while not a job board as such, deserves a mention as it is from Estonia and can be a good source of more junior candidates. The main idea behind MeetFrank is that they provide tools for headhunting candidates already on their platform. You can also post information on your job and the candidates can initiate the conversation. While this results in more work for you, it does provide access to younger talent that is more used to chat interfaces as opposed to traditional job boards.

It is possible to see and message a few candidates for free, but to get any real results you need to pay €379 a month to get started and an additional €159 per month for subsequent positions.


Last, but not least, we suggest that you try out our tech job board for Estonia. Unlike the job boards mentioned above, we focus only on tech roles. We have access to a large pool of talent both from Estonia and elsewhere in Europe through integrations with search engines and aggregators, such as Work in Estonia.

To save your time, we have automatic screening in place, which ensures that you get applications only from relevant locations and with the right skills. Pricing starts at €300 per position per month, but we provide a free one month trial. This trial includes a consultation call, where we advise you on how to best format your job post and come up with a promotional strategy. For €600 a month we do additional sourcing, reaching out to passive candidates on your behalf.

To get started, book a quick call to publish your first position for free.

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