Toughbyte’s mission and values

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Anton Korenyushkin
July 8, 2020
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At Toughbyte, we believe that the key to successful collaboration between external recruiters and the companies they work with is mutual understanding. So, we would like to tell you about our mission and values guiding us in our work. Following them helps us match our clients with the talents they are looking for and constantly improve our service.

Our mission is to create the most convenient, effective and widely used tech recruitment service in the world. Our seven values are:

  1. We work for clients, candidates and colleagues
    • we always treat clients, candidates and colleagues with respect and consideration
    • we aim to build long term relationships with clients, candidates & colleagues and try to exceed their expectations
    • we take all client and candidate requirements in account
    • we help each other in day to day work and personal development
    • we enjoy our work
    • we celebrate each others' successes
    • we appreciate a good work-life balance
  2. We are responsible
    • we are independent in our work
    • we trust each other and collaborate effectively within the team
    • we are always honest with clients, candidates and colleagues
    • we are not late to meetings
    • we complete tasks on time
  3. We are open by default
    • our documents, chats, info on our clients and candidates are all open by default to all team members
    • we don't make any info private without a valid reason
    • we care about the data privacy of our clients, candidates and colleagues
    • our bonus structure is open and transparent
  4. We are constantly improving
    • we constantly expand our knowledge
    • we constantly improve our tools and processes
    • we actively seek out and adopt best practices and tools
    • we reward initiative and value any improvement suggestions
    • we appreciate any feedback, especially constructive criticism
  5. We are focused on growth
    • we understand that we need to scale in order to build an effective recruitment service
    • our growth should benefit clients, candidates and colleagues
    • we experiment and don’t fear making mistakes
  6. We treat each other as equals
    • we prefer an informal culture and communication
    • we disapprove of bureaucracy
    • we communicate with each other outside of any hierarchies or silos
    • we never fine our team members
  7. We offer everyone equal opportunities
    • we take into account only the professional qualities of our colleagues, and not the race, nationality, gender, religion, political views or any other attributes unrelated to work
    • we offer the opportunity to work and for personal development to all team members, regardless of their specialization or location
    • we encourage team members to move between teams
    • we take into account the qualities of each team member when forming teams and distributing tasks

We use our mission statement to help us make strategic decisions and values on a day to day basis when hiring new team members, resolving conflicting situations etc.

If you share our values, let’s work together!

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