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Oleg Podsechin
December 20, 2023
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We at Toughbyte have used numerous job boards to fill hundreds of positions, but have found the experience lacking. While employers are swamped with irrelevant job applications, candidates do not see the info they need. When they do apply, they rarely get a reply. This has created a vicious cycle, with people applying to more positions, further increasing the load on those reviewing them. We are now breaking this cycle by launching a tech job board that dramatically improves both the candidate and employer experience, making the hiring process more human.

To address the candidates' concerns, we're presenting the info they need in a structured manner, such as the must-have skills required and the stack used at the company. We're asking job posters to share salary ranges. In addition to that, candidates can see how long it takes for the company to reply and how others rated the hiring process. They can also ask anonymous questions about the position. Last but not least, everyone gets a dedicated recruiter from Toughbyte that they can reach out to, if needed.

Employers on the other hand are able to clearly define their applicant criteria, such as location, level of seniority and required skills. You receive applications only from those that are a match. Those that aren't are rejected with a personalized reply. We also send candidate experience surveys, which you can use to improve your hiring process. The jobs are automatically promoted to search engines and aggregators, as well as our growing community of 30K+ mid and senior level tech professionals across Europe.

In order to get started, just book a 15 minute call. On this call, we will advise you on your hiring strategy and publish the first position. You will then receive weekly email updates on the progress and suggestions from your recruiter on how to improve performance. We're offering a two week free trial that includes up to 5 presented candidates, after which we charge €300 per job post per month.

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