References from our clients

Some good things that companies we've worked with have said about us

  • Logo of Digia
    IT Services and IT Consulting
    Helsinki, Finland
    I’ve been working with Toughbyte both at Digia and at Nord Software for a long time – they always provide top-notch developers to help us out in all kinds of projects. And are great to work with!
    Photo of Niklas Lahti
    Director, M&A
    Since 2017:
    7 developers contracted
    ElasticsearchJavaScriptNode.jsPHPReactReact NativeiOS
  • Logo of DAIN Studios
    Business Consulting and Services
    Helsinki, Finland
    Thanks to Toughbyte´s strong recruitment team we were able to find and attract talents from Russia. Their recruitment process made it for us as recruiter very smooth and effective.
    Photo of Dirk Hofmann
    Since 2017:
    1 developer recruited
  • Logo of Crasman
    Technology, Information and Internet
    Helsinki, Finland
    We had been looking for a professional of this level for quite some time and Toughbyte was the company that delivered. Our development team is extremely pleased with the recruitment. Thanks to Toughbyte we are now even more capable of producing the high standard of digital services that we strive to deliver.
    Photo of Olli Maksimainen
    Digital Solutions Director
    Since 2018:
    2 developers recruited
  • Logo of CHAOS
    Software Development
    Helsinki, Finland
    Toughbyte has known how to adjust smoothly to our needs as a fast-growing startup in demand of tech talent. They work thoroughly and are devoted to providing options fast. On top of that, their personal touch dealing with clients is highly appreciated.
    Photo of Paloma Bautista
    Since 2018:
    4 developers recruited
    1 developer contracted
  • Logo of Caroom
    IT Services and IT Consulting
    Helsinki, Finland
    Toughbyte helped us release the MVP of our mobile app within budget, providing staff willing to listen and work with us on changing requirements to minimise cost. We worked closely with the developers on the project and even made direct contributions to the codebase.
    Photo of Ville Tossavainen
    Since 2015:
    1 developer contracted
    AndroidJavaScriptReact NativeiOS
  • Logo of AREX
    Financial Services
    Valletta, Malta
    We liked the flexibility of Toughbyte's recruitment process and their initial holistic approach.
    Photo of Juha Vepsalainen
    Head of Markets
    Since 2015:
    1 developer recruited
  • Logo of ADBRO
    Advertising Services
    Singapore, Singapore
    With Toughbyte we were able to strengthen our development team and boost product development way much faster and smoother comparing to the freelance recruiters. Thanks to their tech expertise and great sourcing quality, it took me personally less time spent for the interviews and offers negotiation.
    Photo of Artem Titov
    Co-Founder & CEO
    Since 2018:
    11 developers recruited