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As developers ourselves, we understand that not all technologies, jobs and companies are alike. We can help you find the most interesting and fulfilling job or project, both onsite or remote, in your home country or abroad.


As developers ourselves, we run a number of tech meetups and have a large network of contacts. This gives access to top companies and under-the-radar positions that you would not come across otherwise.
We strive for maximum clarity in our communications and value your time. By insisting that our clients have a predictable recruitment process and provide clear feedback, we ensure that you know where you stand throughout the process.
As we have a wide range of clients, we can be flexible in which positions we offer you: whether permanent or contract, part time or full time, in your home city, with relocation or remote. All this at no cost to you.

What the candidates say

“The way they approached me about interesting new job opportunities was refreshing. Few recruiters are so open and go that extra mile so that you feel comfortable having all the information you need.”
Gianluca Candiotti
Software Engineer at Smarp
“Toughbyte helped me find exactly the job I wanted in Finland, assisting with scheduling both remote and onsite interviews and applying for a work permit needed for relocation. The process was smooth and I have been happily living and working in Helsinki for over a year!”
Mariya Kulkina
Software Developer at Enkora
“Toughbyte helped me get my career as a freelance developer off the ground by offering a number of interesting projects I could choose from and ensuring zero downtime between projects.”
Daniel Dunderfelt
Senior Full Stack Developer, Freelance

Our process

Initial contact. Apply to a specific position or just leave your contact details by clicking the “Get in touch” button below to start the process with us.

Toughbyte call. We do a quick call where you are introduced to your Toughbyte contact and discuss your work experience, career goals, expectations and the relevant position.

Company interviews. When you’re ready, we present you to the client with your CV and a quick summary of the relevant work experience. We help schedule interviews with the company, both onsite and remote.

Contract negotiations. By acting as mediators in salary or hourly rate negotiations we can make sure that you get the best deal and don’t drop out of the process due to a misunderstanding.

Relocation assistance. If applicable, we also assist you with applying for a residence permit.

Some companies we work with

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